1. How do we start?
  2. If you are new customer and willing to check our quality and turn around time. Please try us with your trail project now.

  3. What are the ways you suggest us to provide instructions?
  4. Either you provide us your instructions or just your samples. We will use the cad and drawing standards as it is in the samples. If the file size is high, don't hesitate to get an ftp log in details.

  5. Why we need to consider us to outsource?
  6. We provide our service with qualified professionals.We stick on to Quick Turn Around Time.Our Service will be cost effective.We are very flexible and easy understanding

  7. In what resolution should the paper drawings be scanned?
  8. The paper drawings can be scanned starting from 150DPI - 200DPI, Make sure that the dense area are clear. Else scan them separately or increase the DPI.

  9. What are the modes of payments?
  10. We receive payment via Paypal and wire transfer to our bank accounts.

  11. Would you be willing to sign a NDA?
  12. Yes

  13. How do we communicate with you?
  14. You can communicate us through E-mail:info@cddsindia.com | Skype: | Phone : +91-9941343103

  15. Can we send drawings through fax?
  16. We don't have fax for now.

  17. How do i clarify your doubts it is little bit tough to explain you?
  18. You need not to worry about it. We have access to softwares like goto meeting, teamviewer, skype to share screens to communicate our clients around the world.

  19. On what timings you work?
  20. We normally work 9am to 6pm in Indian time (i.e GST 5.30). But our customer support officers are available at 16x7 hours.