Electrical Services

Are you on the lookout for a company that can provide you with best-in-class Electrical BIM Services, then look no further. We at CDDS will be the right choice for you. Our team of workforce and engineers are highly qualified, experienced and competent to carry projects of every type and size in their shoulders. It is their sheer dedication and hard work that has enabled us to traverse the path of glory and success. The design validation is created in accordance to the international standards such as BS, IEEE, IED and also local codes like OES and IS. Implementing our Electrical BIM Services will help to augment the safety practices that keeps risk at bay along with any potential accident on the site that may crop up during construction.

CDDS’ Electrical BIM Service Archive

At CDDS you can reap the benefits of the below mentioned Electrical BIM Services namely,

  • Electrical Room Modelling
  • Electrical BIM Model Walk-through
  • Modelling of conduits and cable trays in accordance to the given layout
  • Modelling of communication systems, data and power
  • Modelling of the fire alarm system
  • Schedules of panel boards and circuits
  • BOQ of electrical equipment
  • Preparation of power circuit drawings and lighting
  • Electrical Lighting Fixture Modelling

We at CDDS help our customers actively to improve the efficiency and margin of the project in its entirety by attaining complete coordination amid all contractors, consultants and designers through complete project data integration including textual, numerical and graphical in a sole digital model. By coordinating the Electrical BIM models along with others our engineers aim to minimize any form of clash and thereby improve the efficiency and accuracy of the BIM models. Using our BIM services all through the design up to the construction process will be highly beneficial for contractors, consultants and clients.

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